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News Resource Guide

How to Know if Online News is Credible Based on the Website

Anyone can publish any information on the Internet. And yes, news too. Because of this freedom, knowing whether or not your online news source is credible is never an exact science.


Most search engines do rank news material based on their perceived relevance, it doesn't automatically make the material relevant to you or even reliable. You have a lot of ways to know if online news is credible, but among the simplest is analyzing the kind of website on which it is published.


Personal Homepage


Personal homepages are websites created by individuals. As such, they will probably be informal. Some things people post here are links to their favorite websites, their resumes, interests and hobbies, etc. Some personal websites may also be made to work like professional sites. Professors, for example, may maintain a personal website where they can publish their court outlines, syllabi and other related information. Entrepreneurs may also promote their businesses through their homepages. Click here to get to the main homepage for more idea.


Websites on Special Interests


Such websites are usually maintained by non-profit organizations that are actively campaigning for social issues like protecting the environment, preventing abortion, etc. Special interests can be anything, from mainstream to radical. These websites, in any case, are always biased. When reading information from these sources, you have to be aware of the provider's special interest.


Professional Websites


Professional websites are those maintained by organizations or institutions and sometimes also by individuals. These sites provide information that is supported by fact sheets, research, and the rest. A lot of institutions have their professional websites. When ascertaining the reliability of the information, you must check the credibilty of the institution or professional who provided it. If the site links to sources, the credibility of the information is determined by the source site. Read more facts at


News Websites


The reality is everyone can publish his own news articles online. In terms of news websites, everything boils down to the online periodical's credibility. Does the site have a trusted print publication? If an online news article has an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), it has more authority.


Commercial Websites


Whatever their reputations, businesses will always work to make money and amass customers. Of course, they will be biased for their own products and against everything that comes from their competitors.


Not all of the above-mentioned websites are created to offer Kuwaiti News, but they can all publish certain news materials to help them establish a point. For instance, a website that sells diet pills, may publish a news item, claiming that their product has been cleared by the FDA after safety concerns were raised by consumers.


After understanding the various types of websites found online, it will be easier to determine whether or not information is credible.